Мы рады представить серию вебинаров, созданных для музыкантов, педагогов и всех, кто работает в сфере музыки.


В течение года Фонд Джулиана Кохрана проводит серию бесплатных онлайн-семинаров и вебинаров.


Эти вебинары охватывают ряд актуальных тем и позволяют людям во всем мире учиться у экспертов, не расставаясь при этом с комфортом собственного компьютера. Мы уже проводили вебинары со специалистами в области управления, маркетинга и здравоохранения. Присоединиться к нам может любой, у кого есть интернет.


Вебинары 2018

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Jadwiga Śmieszchalska

The Healthy Musician   

Isia talks about:

• how to organize your schedule efficiently;
• how to keep your stress levels under control;
• how to stay motivated when setting goals for yourself;

Jadwiga Isia Śmieszchalska is a musician, physical and mental coach for musicians and a lecturer in music physiology. Jadwiga graduated from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań (majoring in organ performance) and Institut Européen Médecine des Arts (Diplôme Européen Médecine des Arts – Musique). She regularly advises and consults with numerous musicians at Healthy Talent, Warsaw, which she founded with Mathieu Spencer, DC.







Jacob Shaw

Surviving Solo: Tips for Soloists

Jacob talks about:

• what a solo career means in our modern world;
• how to establish a unique and personal solo career;
• the pros and cons of a doing it alone;

"A larger than life personality, Shaw has blazed a trail of his own" (Strings Magazine). Jacob Shaw is a British cellist with a vast repertoire and a fresh approach to classical concerts. Over the past 10 years, following numerous international prizes/awards and using all the tools of the modern world, mixed with an abundance of energy and an undeniable passion for music - Jacob has forged a unique and solid international career for himself. Highly in demand as a teacher, he has given masterclasses in music universities/conservatories worldwide. In 2016, he created his own foundation to support, educate and promote young cellists, the Scandinavian Cello School.

Christopher Alstaedt

How do Soloists and Conductors Cooperate?

Christoph talks about:

• the best practices to adopt during rehearsals;
• strategies to get back on track after getting lost during a performance;

Christoph Altstaedt is an outstanding German conductor who regularly performs on Europe’s most prestigious stages. He was Kapellmeister at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and chief conductor at the Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck. He also founded a multi-award-winning youth orchestra involving German, Polish and Czech musicians, with the aim of bringing together young people from former war-torn territories.











2017 Webinars

Mateusz Talega

Mateusz talks about:

  • Why, in some cases, it might be more useful to record at home rather than in a professional studio;

  • The equipment needed to create good recordings with a tablet or smartphone;

  • Different ways of creating quality recordings without professional equipment;

  • Software options for editing your recordings;

  • The best sound cards and microphones for recording music;

  • Accessories to take your recordings to the next level;


Mateusz Telega started working with music and sound 15 years ago. He specializes in studio works (mixing, mastering, recording) and digital music production. In 2008, he founded the first professional computer music production school in Poland – Sound Academy (Akademia Dźwięku). His extensive experience in teaching earned him wide recognition as an electronic music education specialist.

Home Recording for Beginners

Basia Tworek

Basia talks about:



  • Body awareness: why it matters for musicians

  • The best stretching moves before practicing

  • Strengthening your playing muscles

  • How to relax your body after playing

  • Coping with stress-induced muscle stiffness

  • How to optimize your breathing

  • How to make the most of your breaks with mini-relaxation sessions


Basia is a charismatic yoga instructor, psychologist, blogger and YouTuber to name just a few of her accomplishments. She owns a yoga studio, Stan Skupienia, in the centre of Warsaw.

When she isn’t sharing her love of yoga with others, she listens to RnB or gangsta rap.

Yoga for Playing Well and

Living Well

Carsten Dürer

Carsten talks about: 


  • How to prepare a perfect presentation folder

  • What is expected of you during a business meeting

  • How to create a professional image on a tight budget

  • Original ways to promote yourself



Carsten Dürer is a well-known music journalist. He is the editor in chief of “PIANONews – Magazin für Flügel und Klavier” since 1997. He teaches music history and career planning for students at music academies and private music institutions. He is the CEO of “Classic Academy Germany” (www.classic-academy-germany.com).

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