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in the music sector

Career Boost Academy

A series of free online workshops and webinars throughout the year.
Covering a wide selection of topics, ranging from arts management and marketing to health.
Available to everyone regardless of their location; all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Surviving Solo: Tips for Soloists //


Surviving Solo.png

Jacob talks about:

• what a solo career means in our modern world;
• how to establish a unique and personal solo career;
• the pros and cons of a doing it alone;

"A larger than life personality, Shaw has blazed a trail of his own" (Strings Magazine). Jacob Shaw is a British cellist with a vast repertoire and a fresh approach to classical concerts. Over the past 10 years, following numerous international prizes/awards and using all the tools of the modern world, mixed with an abundance of energy and an undeniable passion for music - Jacob has forged a unique and solid international career for himself. Highly in demand as a teacher, he has given masterclasses in music universities/conservatories worldwide. In 2016, he created his own foundation to support, educate and promote young cellists, the Scandinavian Cello School.

How do Soloists and Conductors Cooperate? //



Christoph talks about:

• the best practices to adopt during rehearsals;
• strategies to get back on track after getting lost during a performance;

Christoph Altstaedt is an outstanding German conductor who regularly performs on Europe’s most prestigious stages. He was Kapellmeister at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and chief conductor at the Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck. He also founded a multi-award-winning youth orchestra involving German, Polish and Czech musicians, with the aim of bringing together young people from former war-torn territories.

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