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"For me, the possibility of rewatching the performances multiple times is a great advantage of the online formula (…). It allows you to put an end to any potential doubts".

 Krzysztof Jabłoński

jury member 2015-2017


Everybody wins

Dedicated mentorship programs

Unique judging system

Creative approach to help your future

Activities to help you grow

Transparent rules

Innovative development opportunities

Open to the entire world

No upper age limit


We kept working on the next edition of the International Cochran Piano Competition, making it our top priority to continuously offer you an opportunity to focus on your professional, artistic and personal development.


Check the results of the

5th edition!



Online formula

Single round

All-star jury 

The International Cochran Piano Competition was created in 2014 as the first entirely online piano competition in the world and was inspired by the music of Julian Cochran – Australian composer.
So far, five editions have taken place, in which 600 pianists from all over the world participated. Its unique formula allows participants to submit recordings of their performances digitally, with no traveling required.
The repertoire has to consist of Julian Cochran’s music.  The performances are evaluated by the Jury consisting of prominent, award-winning musicians who do not communicate between one another – so far, these have included Dina Yoffe, Tobias Koch, Yejin Gil, Stuart Isacoff, Roberto Prosseda, Jacob Shaw, Gil Sullivan, Krzysztof Jabłoński, and Kevin Kenner. Moreover, not only do they assign scores, but they also provide written feedback for every participant, as one of the core assumptions of the Competition is to provide the contestants with an opportunity to develop. Each participant is also offered a Zoom conversation with the Jury member of their choice. As the Competition is supposed to be accessible for everyone, there is no upper age limit. 

CD recording sessions,

concert performances, round trip to Australia and Monaco as the main prize

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